doTERRA Essential Oils

I am so pleased to announce that I am welcoming the awesome influence of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA Essential Oils to A Manor of Wellness. Having spent the last few months researching, purchasing and utilizing these amazing oils on friends, family and self, I feel strongly that measurable benefits have been achieved. Starting with 3 simple oils, I have expanded to 30 and continue to grow in my understanding of the benefits of utilizing Essential Oils in my everyday life and I want to share this new found ancient practice with you. Their uses are limitless, their benefits are limitless!! I have found many ways to integrate them into my everyday life.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to add yet another tool to your wellness toolbox. These oils, just as Traditional Chinese Medicine, are stand alone modalities. That is how POWERFUL these oils are. I am so excited to integrate them into the practice. Click here www.doterrablog.com for more information regarding just about any question you may have.

Then contact me to find out how you can get these amazing oils into your life, what oils are best for you, for your family, for whatever issue you may want to address. We can set up an oil consultation at your convenience or you can click here www.mydoterra.com/sandieokelly to place an order directly.

I am constantly searching for modalities to integrate into the practice to offer to you as many paths to wellness as I am capable of providing. I hope that you will explore this path to your destination of wellness.

Yours in Peace and Wellness,